Don't Mess With Heat Stress

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Workplace safety

  • prevent overheating on job sites
  • prevent heat stroke

Excellent Marketing Tool

  • Corporate branding

Monitor your stress level as indicated by the blood flow through fingertips.

No batteries

What the experts say:

Heat Aware

Occupational Health and Safety Association
“Heat stroke can occur, and can result in death…”

WSIB Ontario
“…hot temperatures outside mean increased health risks…”

Heat Stress Awareness Guide

National Weather Service
“Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States…”

With the MATC Heat Stress Awareness Indicator it is now much easier to teach employees, athletes and anybody who is physically active about the dangers of heat stress, in high temperature conditions. The Indicator is very easy to use with a built in thermometer strip to tell the user the ambient temperature. Combined with Heat Stress related information, the card becomes a valuable learning tool. Temperature indication ranges from 90°F to 120°F. Our thermometers also read in Celsius (32°C to 49°C).