Thermometers and UV Meters

Our unbreakable and long lasting temperature indication devices are cost effective, accurate, easy to use, long lasting, and are an excellent replacement to traditional glass thermometers.  Our thermometers and indication devices range from hot water and UV indication to fridge and freezer thermometers.  However, our main goal is to provide our customers with fast accurate results at a reasonable price and to ensure safe and proper use of many household products.  In order to provide accurate results, our thermometers use encapsulated liquid crystal technology (ELC).  The ELC component of our product is temperature sensitive, reacting to temperature changes to indicate to the user what actions need to be taken, depending on which of out products is being used. Our indication devices have a variety of applications: Fridge Thermometers, Freezer Thermometers, Hot Water Thermometers, Bath Thermometers, UV Intensity Meters, Beer and Wine Thermometers, Stress Level Indicators, Baby Bottle Thermometers, 48 Hour Temperature Indicators, and Human Fever Indicators.