Freezer Thermometers

Avoid the spoilage of your food on a daily basis with the MATC Freezer Temperature Indicator.

Some modern residential freezers come equipped with temperature control devices which allow users to regulate the temperature of their freezer. However, most freezers do not have any type of temperature indicator display or thermometer to allow consumers to see if the temperature of the freezer is within the proper range to ensure maximum freshness and preservation of perishable food items. If the freezer is too warm, the food’s taste and appearance will deteriorate. The warmer the temperature, the quicker this will happen. If the freezer is too cold some of the excess cold air may divert into the refrigerator portion of your appliance, changing the temperature there as well. Food stored in the freezer slowly loses hydration over time. If the freezer temperature is set too cold this dehydration process will become more rapid and the freezer storage life of your food item will be shortened. Fluctuating freezer temperatures can result in the growth of large ice crystals, creating an undesirable change in texture.  In order to ensure food quality, your freezer should be set to -20 °C (-4°F) to -18° (0°F).

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Ensure your freezers are at the optimal temperature for food storage

• Prevent freezer burn

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Save energy and money on the highest energy consumer in the house.

• Have your freezer operating at the correct temperature to prevent energy waste.

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Excellent Marketing Tool

• Corporate branding
• Unbreakable
• Inexpensive
• No batteries
• Non-toxic

Easy To Use.

To ensure the consistency of the temperature inside your freezer simply place an MATC Freezer Temperature Indicator on a shelf of your freezer.  Each time the door is opened this unique and simple device will provide a clear indication of the ambient temperature range inside the consumer’s freezer.

Custom Configurations Available:

The MATC Freezer Temperature Indicators, as with all items in the MATC Encapsulated Liquid Crystal product line, can be custom printed or die-cut into any shape to create a high impact promotional or premium item tailored to suit individual customer requirements. Private label freezer temperature indicators can have sustained consumer impact, as corporate brands, messages or websites would be displayed to the consumer, each time the freezer door is opened. The MATC Freezer Temperature Indicators will remain active and accurate for a period of 5 years or more, providing literally thousands of positive impressions for the company in the future.

Customizable, Unique Promotional Tools

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Showcase your corporate identity on the card to produce awareness. Excellent marketing tool.

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Our product line can be custom printed or die-cut into any shape to create a high impact promotional or premium item tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

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Our products educate, are inexpensive, unbreakable, long lasting, non-toxic and don’t require batteries.

Customizable unique promotional product cards

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