Measurement and Technology Company of Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA is a rapidly growing consumer products company that has introduced several innovative new products, significantly impacting in the international marketplace.

With more than 50 years of combined expertise within our specialized fields, we have emerged as the worldwide leader in the production of microencapsulated liquid crystal devices and items that utilize our numerous proprietary ink and print technologies.

Our temperature indication devices are unbreakable, cost effective, accurate to 0.5 degrees Celsius, and are an excellent replacement to traditional breakable glass thermometers.  We have indication devices ranging from hot water and UV indication to fridge and freezer thermometers.  Our products are simple to apply and easy to read, delivering fast accurate results.

Our unique products include: Fridge and Freezer Thermometers, Hot Water Thermometers, Bath Thermometers, UV Intensity Meters, Beer and Wine Thermometers, Stress Level Indicators, Baby Bottle Thermometers, 48 Hour Temperature Indicators, Skin Test Folders and Human Fever Indicators.

Our current distribution network has allowed MATC to sell our products in more than 30 countries!

While our list of Fortune 500 and government clients has grown steadily over the years, we are still very much an entrepreneurial company, intent on expanding our significant worldwide network of customers, distributors and suppliers. We continue to manufacture and distribute our diversified range of inexpensive MATC consumer products to the prolific quality standards for which we have become known. This growth strategy has proven extremely successful since our inception and we have experienced steady sales expansion, in recent years, due to our active presence in territories such as Australia, the UK, Canada, the United States, the Benelux, the Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe and South America.

Serving many diversified manufacturing sectors

Measurement and Technology Company currently supplies private label product to several key manufacturing sectors such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, optical, food & beverage, health & safety and medical, just to name a few. Our products are also used by all three levels of government in Canada and the U.S. to increase consumer awareness towards numerous public health and safety issues. Through our growing distribution network, our products are listed in a diversified range of retail consumer sectors such as pharmacy, department store, grocery, hardware and convenience store accounts.

One of our most successful products to date has been our innovative MATC UV Intensity Meter and Lens Tester cards, which continue to enjoy considerable success in the global marketplace. This unique product line utilizes our specially developed photochromic screen inks and provides an indication of the prevailing strength of UV rays within twenty seconds of exposure to direct sunlight or any other source emitting UV rays. After exposure and assessment, the card is simply turned over or returned to a wallet, pocket or handbag, where the reactive areas revert to their original state, ready for reuse within 10 minutes.

Unique heat and light sensitive products for numerous applications

With the introduction of our unique MATC UV Intensity Meter/Lens Tester products, Measurement and Technology Company introduced what is clearly one of the most important “simple” product developments of the past decade. We have also developed other product variations that utilize our diversified range of UV sensitive ink technologies, including textile and industrial plastics applications.

In 1996, we continued the diversification of our MATC branded product lines to include other simple and extremely useful personal or household products. MATC has developed a comprehensive line of Encapsulated Liquid Crystal (ELC) products that have enjoyed an enthusiastic reception by our growing customer base. Several of the more popular items in the MATC ELC product line include our Bath Thermometers, Human Fever Indicator Cards and Strips, Stress Indicator cards and adhesive-backed Refrigerator Temperature Indicators. Our newly developed Hot Water Temperature Indicators, 48-Hour Continual Digital Human Fever Indicators, Wine/Beer/Beverage Temperature Indicators cards have also received an exceptional response from consumers.

Superior products and customers satisfaction is our goal

Measurement and Technology Company was founded with the goal of providing the corporate community and the general public with a selected number of unique, reliable and timely consumer products. MATC strives to provide superior customer service and timely delivery schedules to all of our valued customers. All of these elements combine to provide great value and satisfaction to our new and existing clientele. It appears that consumer demand for these unique products will continue to grow as our company seeks to expand our strategic partnerships in new territories and market sectors around the world. For detailed product information or pricing, please contact us directly at our corporate headquarters in Canada.

Some of Our Customers

Refrigerator thermometer custom product card
Milk refrigerator thermometer custom product card
Temperature indicator custom product card
Fortes fridge and freezer temperature indicator custom product card
Sunwards indicator custom product card
Refrigerator thermometer custom product card
Iowa Egg Council refrigerator thermometer card
Melfort EMS hot water indicator custom product card
Hamilton Public Health Services refrigerator thermometer custom product card
Hot water temperature indicator product card
Heat Aware heat stress indicator custom product card
Verified Beef refrigerator thermometer custom product card
Hot water indicator custom product card
Heat stress indicator product card

Superior Products And Customers Satisfaction Is Our Goal.

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