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refrigerator thermometer

Receive an immediate UV intensity measurement.

Determine the appropriate SPF sunscreen required to protect your health and others.

Determine the UV filter for your sunglasses by using the lens tester.

  • Have your unit at the correct temperature to prevent energy waste.

Excellent Marketing Tool

  • Corporate branding

100% reusable
No batteries

What the experts say:

Health Canada
“It is important to protect your eyes…”

NOAA’s National Weather Service
“Protect yourself, family and pets from excessive UV…”

“UVA penetrates deep into the skin causing damage…”

American Academy of Dermatology
“Sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for all skin cancers.”

The MATC UV Intensity Meters enable individuals to receive an immediate general measurement of the prevailing strength of sun’s ultraviolet rays. The Lens Tester is utilized to test the protective quality of sunglasses, prescription glasses or contact lenses within 10-20 seconds. With growing concern over skin cancer and cataracts, every precaution is beneficial to your overall health. Guidelines are printed above the UV Meters, which allow the user of the UV meter to assess the sunscreen SPF strength required to protect against prevailing UV conditions.