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refrigerator thermometer

Hold to forehead to determine fever.

Accurate within 0.5ºC.

Great for seniors, travelling, and visible at a glance.

Excellent Marketing Tool

  • Corporate branding

No batteries

Easy to use

What the experts say:

Children's Health Canada
“A fever is a sign that an infection or illness is present in the body…”

University of Maryland Medical System
“Fever is a symptom or an indicator that something is not right within the body…”

It is often inconvenient to carry a conventional fever thermometer with you at all times. For parents with children, it is also very difficult to get your child to co-operate with the administration of a conventional fever thermometer test. With the MATC Human Fever Indicators taking a person’s temperature and carrying a thermometer with you at all times is now easy. The MATC Human Fever Indicator is a valuable and simple instrument for indicating whether or not you or your child has a fever, and can easily be stored in a purse or wallet.