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refrigerator thermometer

Easily determine the ideal bath water temperature.

Perfect for children and seniors.

Showcase your corporate identity on the card to produce awareness.

Excellent Marketing Tool

  • Corporate branding

No batteries

What the experts say:

Safe Kids
“Most scald injuries can be prevented…”

BC Childrens Hospital
“Hot liquids – not fire – are the most common causes of burns to young children.”

New York Presbyterian Hospital
“Scald burns are the most common types of burns among young children…”

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Prevention Program
“Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire…”

With the Bath Temperature Indicator from Measurement and Technology Company it is now easy to ensure that your bath water temperature is ideal prior to stepping in. After you have drawn the bath, simply submerge the MATC Bath Temperature Indicator in the water for 10 seconds and this unique, simple device will provide a concise visual reading of the temperature range of the water in your bathtub.